How to increase edge angles in ski turn

Just after changing edges you can “hang” in the phase of almost flat skiing. Or you can go to a natural angles, determined by the speed of the skis and the steepness of the turn. Or you can set a “non-equilibrium” angles, that is, to edge the skis even more 🙂

I will discuss about this “nonequilibrium” option. It seems that everything depends on the initial angle, looks like following increase of angles in a arc is added to the initial angle. In addition, according to my observations, only by such “nonequilibrium” edging you can achieve the working angles >60 degrees in the middle of the arc.

I found out something in this (2018) season, so I want to write down, so as not to lose it. But grabbed a little, ready “recipe for cooking a magic pill” no 🙂
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How to use centrifugal force in initial stage of ski turn

Some believe that there is no centrifugal force in Nature. I will not argue with this, but I will denote that by centrifugal force I mean what is pressed against the outer wall in the carousel. That is, to feel the centrifugal force you need to be yourself in a turn but not watch it from the side. In turns on skis there is a mix of two extreme cases. One extreme – a sidelong descent across the slope, then a sharp redirection of movement (for example, jumping with a turn) and again an oblique descent. Looks like zigzags along a broken line. In this case, there is no movement along the circumference and, accordingly, there is no centrifugal force. The opposite extreme case is round turns, there is a centrifugal force. In a real ride, no matter how you want to always cut round turns, there is also a braking and straight sections. Therefore, the centrifugal force can suddenly disappear and appear. In the note, I will give observations on how to use centrifugal force to quickly load an external ski when entering the turn.
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Ski pressure control at first half of turn

To make good carved turn You of course need to put ski on edge but more importantly, to put pressure on the ski. Forces acting to skier arranged so that at second half of turn pressure apply to ski automatically. But in the first half of turn it should be given special attention for put pressure on ski.

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