Several pumps for bicycles

It so happened that now we have 4 various pumps for bicycle. Question of good pump is often discussed in the network, so I bring some practical considerations

CompressorAt begin, we rode only bikes (MTB) and inflated with the car compressor. By occasion we’ve got a portable station for start of car engine in winter, which includes a compressor. It was convenient to pump at home. Pump_stels At a bicycle I drove budget pump, which in the case of a puncture could inflate the tire to about 2 atm. I think for riding around town on a mountain bike such configuration is sufficient.

We had to buy floor pump when road bikes appeared. The car compressor can not inflate more than 5 atm, and even it takes a lot of time. It should be noted that the floor pump is much better then compressor. Inflate is not difficult physically and occurs very fast, most of the time is spent for joint pump to tire. So, if now I begin to ride, then I would buy a floor pump immediately.Floor_pump1

Pump_colnago Portable pump which is located on road bike have pressure gauge (and this is important). And this pump is operable similar to floor pump, i.e. foot step on the base and pump by swinging movements from up to down. This is also important because in the field it’s really easy to inflate the tire. Just in case the pump brand – GIYO GM-81.


VadimN-150x150Vadim Nikitin

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