Reinvent the bicycle (Reinventing the wheel)

In this section, I want to share some thoughts on the future development of the bike. Something is already exist in the form of industrial developments, something is only a fantasy. 

This section also presented a notes with minimum necessary theoretical considerations.

For convenience, here are collected all references to notes on “Reinvent the bicycle (Reinventing the wheel)”.

Banner_IntroductionIntroduction to section. It is clear that the theme of “reinvent the bicycle” is too broad to cover, at the same time I did not want to just talk about just news 🙂 So here I talk about the areas in which further development is planned.

Banner_ForcesHow cycling power spent during moving a bike. For further consideration of innovation we had to calculate how generated when pedaling power is expended to overcome the road, climbs, and braking by the air flow.

CalculatorBanner_calc_Aero for calculating the required pedaling power to maintain the desired speed. It is based on the previous note.

Banner_Aero_experimentFinding parameters of rolling of bicycle from measurements of power of pedalling. On the basis of the two previous notes (theory and calculations) is shown that from a comparison with the experimental data, which is quite a lot in the network, you can find the parameters of rolling resistance of tires and aerodynamic drag.

Banner_UphillsWhy hills lower average speed. The average speed is quite whimsical. It is easy to lower, but it is difficult to increase. If the way goes through the hill, it always “bites” from the average speed, in addition to being exhausting. In this paper it’s given numerical estimates of losses of average speed and given recommendations for optimization efforts.

Wind_bannerHeadwind and average speed. Headwind can greatly reduce the speed of bicycle while tail wind sometimes it is not so noticeable. But the average rate of “back and forth” is still falling. How much it because of wind? In this paper, numerical given estimates of losses of  average speed.

Trenie_bannerHow speed depends on tires quality. Choosing of tires is paid of much attention. At the same time it often said (especially for road bikes), that 80% of the efforts goes to the air resistance. How significant then the dependence of the quality of tires? In this note, it is shown that good tires always add up to kilometre and more to average speed, but is likely due to lower of puncture-resistant properties.

Aero_form_banner1Improvement of road bike aerodynamics. The appearance of the bicycle has not changed for 100 years. Unlike airplanes, cars, motorcycles. Maybe it’s no need to change? In this note indicated that it’s not clear for how much speed of the bicycle  could be increase due to improve of aerodynamic shapes.

Techno_dop_bannerMechanical doping and average speed. Mechanical doping or technological doping  or tehno-doping this is related to devices for improve athletic performance. In cycling problem has become so serious that before each race bike scanned, judges search for hidden electric motor. I hope that in this case the developments of mechanical doping may well be used officially, if replace the battery by capasitor. This can give the with skillful management a significant increase of average speed.

Ideal_velocomp_banner_engIdeal bike computer and estimated power. Attempt to imagine of put above considerations to “on board”. Some thoughts about ideal (ie not exist yet but could be) bike computer that build on modern element base.