Reinvent the bicycle. Introduction to section

Looks like development of the bicycle as a vehicle is quite delayed in comparison to cars, motorcycles, even scooters.

It could be because of fact that large demand of bicycles is “commuters” that move to short distances on the cheapest possible vehicle, which is badly protected from theft. Bike_innv4The second reason of long refraining is road sportive cycling. For several decades the most importance for sport was that all the athletes use bikes with about equal opportunities. Nevertheless, progress was due to various reasons and now it is quite significant.

Pegeot_concI mark that further  it will not discuss about the bike for a traditional commuting. StridaThat is, if we will talk about commuting, the principal innovation level of “reinventing the wheel”, is a bike like “Strida” that can quickly fold to a small size, and take to public transport. But as a rule we will talk about “second” bike. A third, etc. (according to formula “necessary number of bikes = number of existing bikes + 1) 🙂

For example, if to develop a theme about driving on the asphalt road for long distance, what one would like to improve in carbon road bike, designed specifically for “enduro” trips?

Rain_c1Offhand. Protection against head wind. This is something that can spoil the trip even in the warm sunny weather. Aerodynamics of bicycle is poor. At the same frontal square it must be possible to significantly reduce air resistance. Protection from the rain. More perfect transmission: chain with less jerks or toothed belt or shaft. shaftProtect  transmission from the mud and minimizing maintenance. Saddle. In conjunction with cycling wear and hygiene 5th point. Something had to be invented. What we have now works only up to a certain limit, depending on the heat and mileage. Well and protection against punctures.

Bike_innv2If to think about the deeper improving the vehicle, the electric bike comes to mind, but without a battery. Twist pedals to dynamo with the accumulation of power in the condenser and drive electromotors wheel. This will enable to remove the transmission and gear and pedal smoothly regardless of the terrain.

Bike_stepFurther it will be notes with a more deep study.
I’m not going to inform about all “kickstarter” fantasies and strange designs that have already sold, only about those that can fundamentally improve the bike so that it remain a bicycle.



VadimN-150x150Vadim Nikitin

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