Маршрут 83 км для шоссейного велосипеда по подмосковью

Places for ride road bike near Moscow. Route of 83 km.

It’s very good to ride on the road bike in calm road conditions, without traffic lights. For it is best to go off from Moscow to 50 kilometers.

This season, we ride on the route with start nearby r/w station “Stolbovaya”, between the towns Klimovsk and Chekhov. At first, we considered this as a temporary route. Last season, we tried to use a circular routes. This season, the main such ring had to be abandoned because of the global reconstruction of the one road section. Therefore, temporarily we considered the possibility of riding the part of the that ring – “back and forth”. The most “delicious” part was 15 km of route. Ideal straight line with a good profile, with a mirror asphalt (it was renovated  last summer, in 2014) and with almost zero traffic. As a result we’ve got a good route with length of 83 km, with different quality of roads and profiles. The route can be passed without stops, in “brevet” style. In addition, because the route is not circular, it is possible to easily adjust the desired length of ride.

This is a “window” to GPSies

Start is from the border of village Lyubuchany, there is a pretty good parking near local store. If you get on the train, the nearest railway station – Stolbovaya, 63 km from the Kurskiy railway terminal in Moscow. Car_velosWe go by car, bicycles inside. After starting the road is not a quite good, but coverage is now renovated. Before turning to the Troitskoye (to the south if look to the map), the road is relatively busy. In Troitskoye is the rise to the Church, and then turn to a large psychiatric hospital complex (as it marked on the OSM maps).


After this traffic is getting low, the road is good and very beautiful, leaves to light forest. Nevertheless it is necessary to watch pot holes, they are quite unexpected at totally good coverage. Road goes through the woods for a long time, but at the exit of the forest you go as if to different climate zone. It becomes much warmer, the relief becomes more flat, and huge fields lasted to the horizon.


Through these fields you reach the main “price” of route – a mirror-like road (14 km from the start), at the map this is a horizontal line. Along this road you can go to the right 4 kilometres to the dead end. Sometimes we do so. But I must warn that can’t explain why but we do not like go there. Therefore, I recommend immediately turn left and go on the “mirror” down small descent. A couple of another smooth climbs and descents and we turn from the “mirror” to Povadino.


We pass through quiet r/w crossing without barrier and go through the fields to Scheglyatevo with cozy church and then a couple more kilometres until the end of the asphalt. Then return to the “mirror” (36 km from the start) and go to the crossroads with traffic lights near “field” shopping center. Traffic lights basically shows green, but in this case it does not matter because we turn right and go on the main roads again until the end of the asphalt. Cover – not a mirror, on the contrary, grain granite grit. Perceived, oddly enough, very good 🙂 The asphalt area finished at the square near large church in Mikhailovskoye. Then back to the mirror (52 km from the start), and to the right to Kashirskoe high road where near bus stop turn back. Here’s how beautiful the “mirror” looks from this point.


From here to the finish is 25 km: 11 on the “mirror” and 14 through the fields, forests, village Troitskoye with the general trend “descent”.

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