Bike fit. General considerations

There is a huge q-ty of information about bike fit (how to sit properly on bike) in the net. That case when an excess of information makes it difficult to draw practical conclusions. OK_bike-fittingBased on my own experience unfortunately there is not enough proper information in Internet. I will try to outline a few points which in my view are decisive. I underline that this is nothing more than my point of view on how the general information of bike fit applicable to a particular case. In no case I do not pretend to the only true 🙂

If we talk about bike fit in general, the issue becomes significant when ride at the distance of 50 km without stopping to rest. So, if you ride not very far and with frequent stops, it can be done without bother about the height of the seat, the position of the back, etc. On the opposite side of the issue are considerations about sportive bike fit._-_Retul-Bike-Fit Here there is a lot of science, realised in companies which provides service of bike fitting for decent money. There are also software for smartphones, for significantly less money. Unfortunately, for usual “brevet”-like riding it is not so useful, but rather harmful. The fact is that sport is aimed to results. Therefore sportive bike fit is a compromise between output of athlete’s power, the most better aerodynamics and, in the last place, convenience.


The most beautiful sportive bike fit, to my taste, in a race with separate start or triathlon. If you look closely, it can be concluded that the sitting there is nothing similar to conventional riding. The athlete sits almost at the tip of the saddle. Most do not even sitting but standing. And probably not even standing, but hanging on his elbows. How long can be hung for? The maximum distance in a triathlon is 180 km. And for 185 km can be “hung for”? Probably it is possible. But I would not have passed even 10 🙂 Such a beautiful fit is not for me, alas 🙂


Then may be a comfortable fit like on a stool, back upright, arms relaxed? We are not talking about the aerodynamics now, only about convenience. Unfortunately, there is none. This sitting is for short distances. For a long time in such position, even to only sit on a stool without riding it is very hard to keep your back upright 🙂

In junior high school I watched who how sit in the lesson. Excellent pupils – with vertical back while Losers contrary with horizontal, lying on the desk.


I’ve tried to sit as an excellent pupil, the entire lesson was impossible for me, and uncomfortable, and the back tires. Sitting as the Losers, too uncomfortable, tired to lean heavily on the table. But the fact still noticeable that in a sitting position there is some optimum angle of inclination of the back, and each student has their own, who more, some less, some tilted with straight back, someone with a curved. While for the maintenance of the two types of standard sitting : “Excellent”, “Losers” it spent quite a lot of strength.

Thus, if now go back to the fitting on the bike, optimized for efficient drive at a distance of more than 50 km, it is pretty much depends on peculiar properties of rider.


Difficulty still more goes from the fact that the physical conditions of this rider are not constant. At the beginning of season the one, after 1000 kilometres of total distance – the another, to the end of the season – the third and next season things all can be changed. There is another bad news: the right and left half a person can vary greatly on the flexibility of the legs, arms, felling of balance. At least in my case 🙂

Therefore, I try to pay attention to just three main points, which need to watch for. Namely, the height of the seat as a result of pedaling technique, the angle of back and height of the handlebar.

To be continued 🙂

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