“Dreams” (Ivanov-Kramskoy), tremolo on guitar

In fact, there are two guitar compositions called “Dreams”, which are based on tremolo. One of them belongs to F. Tarrega and more known as “Sueño”, the second to A. Ivanov-Kramskoy more known as “Грёзы” (in Russian the most exact meaning is daydream). It’s about the Dreams of Ivanov-Kramskoy.
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“Feelings” on guitar

The composition Feelings is known since 1975. In the original performance, Morris Albert immediately took the world, and the author went down in history as a “one-hit wonder”. It was re-played (covered) many times, and in general popularity does not fall. I found a good arrangement for guitar, the author does not know me. As a video, I used the photo and video of bicycle season in summer 2017.

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Bach prelude in C major on guitar

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) composed the first volume of “Well Tempered Clavier” in 1722. I like the version that it was just a tutorial for Bach’s children. Opens the volume prelude in the C major key (number in the “Bach Catalog of Works” BWV 846). This composition fits poorly into the “guitar” tone range, so in “typical” arrangement for the guitar, the key is transposed into D major and the sixth string is retune to Re. I do not like to retune the string, so I long time looked for a good arrangement in the original C major key.

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Сamera for cycle touring. Olympus XZ-1

When we began to ride for long distances, the question of choice of the camera was put. DSLR was too heavy, while quality of mobile photo did not suit as sometimes quite good shots came across. We’ve chosen Olympus XZ-1, just discontinued by the next model. However, this next model, I would not want 🙂  Continue reading Сamera for cycle touring. Olympus XZ-1