Sports GPS-tracker: field testing

tau_logoIn the previous part Sports GPS-tracker: start testing I’ve described the test “spherical GPS in vacuum ” with the results of track by fixed sport GPS tracker application.

These results were quite unsatisfactory. Remind that fixed device registered a fictitious “mileage” from 2.8 km (Strava and Sports Tracker) to 1.3 km (Runtastic) and drew fantastic tracks. The figures are indicative, but the principal investigator will treat them with reasonable distrust: the ideal-abstract test, of course is interesting, but better to estimate the accuracy of various sports applications in the real world. So I repeated the test in field conditions which are close to the battle.  Continue reading Sports GPS-tracker: field testing

Sports GPS-tracker: start testing (Part I)

tau_logoThroughout my long, how-to-sporting life I have used only sports watch. At first, of course, it was mechanical stopwatch, then electronic, and then sports watch. Computers for running somehow not caught me because of narrow specialization and as sequence very inconvenience for use usual watch. And I did not need smartphone for a long time : from one computer at home to another computer at work – why else smartphone? But the Future leaned close and shoved smartphone into my hands. Continue reading Sports GPS-tracker: start testing (Part I)