Wiring jointed hands fast and easy

Express emotions by gestures, ability to take and touch the objects with hands, complex finger movements, all this in theory jointed hands allow to do. It seems as if you can create any desired position.
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Jointed hands for bjd

Jointed hands for bjd began producing by company Soom, and now they released by at least a dozen different companies, of which I have from the Soom, Dollzone, Dikadoll, Spiritdoll, Loongsoul doll and Illusion Spirit.

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Some BJD terms

Basic terms, which I use, talking about my dolls.

Blushing – body painting. Manicures, pedicures, colouring of nipples and shading of muscles.P5023851web

In the picture to the left for example, a body with a blushing to the right – without blushing.

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Hybridization of BJD

After invention BJD by company Volks, which sets the standard sizes of dolls, other companies began to produce heads based on these standards, but not wasting time for development of the body. And so came the first hybrids of different heads with the body by Volks.

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Guitar: top-3 by views

On my YouTube channel it posted records of guitar, made in home studio, mainly for long-term project “Dolls + Guitar”.

Here I briefly talk about compositions at first three places on the quantity of views. Continue reading Guitar: top-3 by views

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