Wiring jointed hands fast and easy

Express emotions by gestures, ability to take and touch the objects with hands, complex finger movements, all this in theory jointed hands allow to do. It seems as if you can create any desired position.
P1015861webbwBut in fact, the number of poses are extremely limited because hinges do not hold it and hands look very unnatural. The hinge is not fit to hold the middle position which is necessary, it always tends to take something a multiple of 90 °. And “natural” position of the jointed hands tends to this, as in the picture – convulsive tightness with splayed fingers at the wrong angle.

Set position is very difficult, and it is lost from any whiff of air. And so the expected benefit turns of to unexpected persistent problems. Hands look much worse than a whole (one-mold without joints) gesturally made.

But the simple operation “wiring jointed hands” – insert wires in the fingers (such as banding or other soft thin wire), which does not require to disassemble of hand, solves the problems of positioning and allows to keep in the hands of light objects. It becomes possible very smooth flexion and extension of fingers.

wiring jointed handsSuitable any thin about 0.7 mm diameter wire in the winding. In my case, it is strapping wire from OBI store. It is very easy to cut by any scissors. Pieces of need are very small, and it may be pieces of some other of wire from the package, for example, or stranded wires. The main thing is that the wire should well bent, keep the shape and crawled into the narrow slit of the hinge pins.

The jointed hand assembled on a thin rubber band, allowing you to pull each finger and insert into a piece of wire equal to the length of the finger and the other end insert into the detail of the palm. Operation of wiring jointed hands is very simple, does not require any special skills or special tools, and take a few minutes for both hands. I use no hooks, nothing, just insert the wire along the rubber into each finger until it stops, and then the other end tuck into the palm of the item. If rubber a bit short or wire turned out longish, it is easy to cut wire on place by scissors or clippers, what one can find.

wiring jointed handswiring jointed hands

The result of wiring jointed hands is the opportunity to hold each finger in a very natural position while it is still possible to change without disturbing the position of the other fingers. Jointed hand is no longer afraid of the occasional touch, turns and any other necessary action for the construction of a new posture.

wiring jointed hands

Here is the most natural position that is typical for one-piece mold hand. Jointed hands without wires can not hold it. But with the wire can hold and such, and any other.

wiring jointed hands wiring jointed hands

wiring jointed handsThe disadvantage of wiring jointed hands is that when fold hinge, wire can be seen in the slots. In my case wire is remarkably green. But the undeniable advantages – complete obedience and predictability of jointed hands – completely cover the disadvantages that are related to the characteristics of ball jointed dolls at all. Of course, you can try to find the wire with shell of the color of the plastic or with white shell, if your aesthetic sense can not bear the wrong color, and then a method of strengthening the jointed hands by wire will not have any disadvantages. 🙂





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