Some BJD terms

Basic terms, which I use, talking about my dolls.

Blushing – body painting. Manicures, pedicures, colouring of nipples and shading of muscles.P5023851web

In the picture to the left for example, a body with a blushing to the right – without blushing.


Makeup (“make”) – painting of face of doll. The most crucial and difficult part in creating of the image.

For example, at the left – face Bechun by Iplehouse without “make” at the right – with the make.









  • normal – colour of plastic, usually pinkish or yellowish tinge, denotes plain white skin. Labelled manufacturers, such as NS – normal skin, NP – normal pink.
  • white – much lighter then “normal” of the same company, although it may be very similar to Normal of other company, designates an increased pallor, marked as WS – white skin.
  • tan – tinted skintone, darker then Normal represents tanned or dark skin. Labelled as the santan or just tan.P6065096web_IHRS PA062070webdzdim


Dimensions of dolls:

  • 70+ – Doll height of more than 70 cm
  • SD или 1/3 – 60 cm height doll
  • MSD или 1/4 – 45 cm height doll


Designation 1/3 comes from modeling, and is a third of the 180 cm, that is the standard height of human. Dolls of 1/3 height are the most in my collection. In practice, the doll can be varied from 55 to 65 cm, and it is still 1/3 doll or SD. Designation SD, MSD has introduced by firm Volks, other firms can use their own designations for similar sized dolls.





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