Евгений Казаков

Yevgeny Kazakov


Yevgeny Kazakov, born in 1961, live in Moscow.

Categories: marathon, photography, cycling



Starrt of my running experienceI refer to a summer day of far 1978 year, when after the entrance exam I was suddenly knocked to run to dacha, 20 kilometers away, which I usually rode a bicycle. Then, in the university engaged in a sprint, but was always attracted to long distances, or, more precisely,  cyclic aerobic activities , and as a result, over time, gradually turned to a marathon.


In the running account is more than ten official marathons, supermarathons (in partically ultramarathon mecca Comrades), sky running to Mount Olympus (at photo) and several singles multi-day running races on Mediterranean islands – Crete, Rhodes and Cyprus.

Because of my  physiology training plans are refer “from  endurance,” including as a basic element long-term training of 30 km with a target annual volume of 3,000 km.


With the come of digital era has not avoided hobby of art photography. The main interest as a photographer – sports reportage.


  • 2008 – “Grapes … Stars … Leaves”
  • 2011 – “Καλοκαγαθία / kalokagathia”
  • 2012 – participation in astrophotography exhibition at the Moscow Planetarium
  • 2013 – media project “The other side of the Earth”


Cycling is yet school-time interest from last century. On there-time empty roads somehow rode 100 km from Moscow to Serpukhov, and then with a school friend tried to do bicycle ride around Moscow on “concrete ring” (314 km nowadays it is A107 road), but it was a hard nut to crack…

Now I use a bicycle for recreation on weekends, in the unhurried pace ride in Moscow for 50-80-100 km. In 2013, to get an impression and a new experience, I’ve passed the 200-kilometer brevet.

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