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AliExpress for alpine ski. Diamond files

I took the idea to buy small things for alpine skiing from AliExpress from Sergey Kuznetsov. In January 2018, he ordered there a diamond files for the sharpening the edges and shared link on ski forum. I, as thought, have such files, still quite working and did not planned updating. But the price on the link was so attarctive that start to think. And not not only about diamond files. In the note I share Sergey Kuznetsov’s experience.

My experience “for now” corresponds to the fact that polishing the edges is not something necessary, but even harmful for grip to ice. Read more here:  Ski tunning, know how. That why I do not use fine diamonds widely. I sharpen skis before each training on the slalom course. Depend on current sharpness do it with fine “usual” file or only correct with medium and fine diamonds. Usually I first go through with a diamond file, without a file guide. If after three “passes”, the edge does not become sharp (the criterion of sharpness “on the finger” is defined in the note linked above), then I pick up the angle guide with the file. In general, now I additionally inspected my diamond files, and they seemed very worn out, except for polishing diamond with a grit of 1000 which I do not use. By the way, I never had “coarse” diamonds files. Did not met in the ski stores.

From correspondence with Sergey Kuznetsov

Sergey Kuznetsov alpine ski
Sergey Kuznetsov. Kant (Moscow), April 4, 2018. Photos by Polina Nechaeva

Files cost about 400 rubles (about $6). The delivery took how much Ali promised – about 3 weeks, just do not remember. The file had to be polished on each other, otherwise they could not grasp the edge, apparently there was not exactly a flat surface or what they were covered with something.

Now satisfied with it. They work no worse than Swix. I use them regularly as the edges become blunt – after about two trainings for the third, provided that two pairs of skis are used and in Kant in the snow. Blue is the coarsest, yellow is medium, red is final.

I have a problem with cleaning the chips after the files (I put the vise on the bar counter), so when I’m too lazy to clean up, I use only diamonds.

Any file is quickly wiped, so you have to change its position in file guide all the time. With water and soap or with alcohol, you need to wet the files all the time and clean edge with napkins – I put a pack of napkins next to the ski and a plate with this liquid and there I dip the the angle guide with files.

Manufacturer: IGoSki. However, most likely the factory is called DMD and under this name this product can also be found with a more complete description and even cheaper. But feedback is much less. And it is not known how reliable the delivery is. DMD, judging by “Ali”, does basically “diamonds” for sharpening knives. These are typical sizes from 50х150 mm and grit (roughness) from 400 and above, up to 1000. Therefore there is a risk that for skis they will appear too fine and inconvenient. But on the forums and among friends there is a good experience in using such files for skis. They cut big file into several parts, and the roughness turns out to be more coarse than 400. But I do not want to experiment. Diamonds for ruling already exist, so now are interesting such diamonds, which can sometimes replace a “usual” file. That is, make the edging enough sharp, but taking off less metal from it (more precisely, removing the metal exactly as much as necessary, and not as much as is determined by the minimum “usual” file shavings)

The grit of these diamond files is 180 (blue), 260 (yellow), 360 (red). That is, the whole set consists of workable (coarse) for my case.

I ordered also. The price is 517 rubles (8 dollars or 7 euros).

Diamonds went 13 days.

Really, pretty rough compared to those that I have, even when they were new. And indeed the difference in granularity is even very noticeable.

Here they are bigger.

I must admit that I never had diamonds with such a large graininess, so next season I will have to gain new experience. I expect to sharpen with the “usual” file much less 🙂

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