Internet contain lot of information. Looks like one need put up the question to search engine and immediately quality answer will be received. Unfortunately not always. As a rule – there is not completed answers, instead of it it’s present opinions different people, and this opinions could be also very different. I mean, of course, more or less complicated question, not like “where is Baltic sea”.

In order to take information I need to understand level of author. This level best of all must be higher then my one, but not “sky level”. Usually I search in Ru-net for beginning and then Eng-net.Logo_128 I try to find similar situation, which already have been solved. More valuable – personal experience.

Then in turn solution passed to my own experience. Sometimes it lead to “ready to use” block of information. I wish to share this own experience, also in two languages. Sorry in advance for my English, my native is Russian.

My hobbies covers:

Alpine ski

(at avatar – shot from Moscow championship among veterans, where I was lucky to win in my age range)


(at avatar – shot after finish of “brevet”-300 km Moscow – Tver, it took 12 hours and 15 min)

Classical guitar

(at avatar – the most difficult moment from preludium of I.S. Bach #999)


(at avatar – “time prism”  1982-at Siberian white-water river <-> 2004)

Avatars taken from specialised forums, where I take place by own name (not nickname)


Kind regards,

Vadim Nikitin